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What are the advantages of a roof recovery service?

Our protective Kemper, GACO, and GAF liquid membranes have the following benefits for your roof:

Longer Roof Lifespan

Typical commercial roofing systems last 15-20 years. Our liquid membranes are made of excellent materials, most notably silicone, which add more years to your roofing’s life. In fact, 15 years after the liquid membrane has been installed, we can simply reapply it so you wouldn’t have to undergo a roof tear-off.

Waterproofs Your Roof

Our roof liquid membranes are capable of fixing problems caused by long-term exposure to ponding water. Hours after as the protective liquid membrane has been installed, your roof then becomes impenetrable to water. Now, you can say goodbye to leaks, mold issues, and structural damage.


Are you experiencing warmer summers? High-quality roof liquid roof membranes will improve the thermal performance of your roofing system. Our roof liquid membranes are reflective so that they prevent heat from penetrating your building. Because your roof now becomes energy-efficient, you’ll be able to save on your utility bills. Most of all, your tenants and employees can work more productively in a cooler environment.

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Cost Effective

  • Much cheaper and less-disruptive to your business
  • Protection for the environment – our roof coatings are green options
  • Zero lift-offs in high winds
  • Can be applied to different types of substrates
  • Achieves a clean, beautiful, and professional look

Check out what our customers have to say!

To Whom it may concern,

We have contracted work with STERLING ROOFING GROUP and everything was done on time with quality workmanship. The professionalism and customer service they demonstrated were over the top. They provided an honest perspective and demonstrated a high level of integrity and competence.

We would recommend STERLING ROOFING GROUP to anybody.

Tom Wadsworth, Facilities Manager

Good day,
I own a property management company in the Halifax / Dartmouth area. I would recommend Sterling Roofing Group to anyone. I believe they are honest and detailed in their approach. They made sure I felt comfortable with them and there procedures. Their communication was above and beyond. The quality of staff that I met while on site was above average.


Leigh Nickerson, Condo 51 Management LTD.

Excellent work, very, very pleased. Honest, professional yet friendly. Fair prices. Excellent crew of workers. Everything left neat and tidy when the job was finished. Thank you Richard & your crew for a job well done. I would highly recommend this company

Mark & Debbie Ross, Halifax NS

Hardworking, super professional and accommodating plus more than fair prices considering the attention to detail was top notch (and trust me I did a lot of shopping around). Highly recommend Sterling Roofing Group to anyone needing their roof done. Could not be happier with the work done for us!

Walter Duggen, Bayside NS

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Invest in a roofing recovery service and enjoy a smooth sailing business. 

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